How it Works

How it works:

  1. Schedule a complimentary screening consultation at our office by filling out the form on the right. The consultation will take 20-30 minutes.
  2. Our Sleep Wellness Coordinator Ariel will call to confirm the appointment. She will send you a link to an online questionnaire to be completed before your appointment.
  3. If the screening indicates you are at risk for OSA, we will arrange for you to speak with a board-certified Sleep Physician or other physician at your preference. This might occur by videoconference.
  4. If appropriate, the physician will prescribe and arrange for you to receive a Home Sleep Test kit in the mail. Alternatively, you may need a sleep test in a sleep lab.
  5. The results from the test will be sent to the board-certified Sleep Physician for review and diagnosis.
  6. If the physician recommends Oral Appliance Therapy, we will take impressions of your teeth and create a custom device for you.
  7. After the device is made, it will require adjustments to ensure optimal airflow.
  8. A follow up sleep test will be used to verify that the device is working as intended. This may be conducted in your home.
  9. We will see you yearly to evaluate the oral appliance and to determine if there has been any change to your treatment needs.

OSA is a medical condition, which means that it is covered under medical insurance, not dental insurance even though treatment is delivered by a dentist. As a courtesy, we will verify and file your claim with your medical insurance carrier; however, verification is only an explanation of benefits based upon information that we received from your insurance carrier. It is not a guarantee of payment. High Country Dentistry will assist you in determining the benefits for Oral Appliance Therapy provided by your insurance carrier, and will file claims for services rendered.

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